Welcome to Hattie’s Website

Hattie Wilcox is a composer, vocalist and songwriter born in Raleigh, North Carolina. Beginning piano study at age 7, Hattie was raised on Chopin, Debussy, hillbilly blues, and soul. A shirtless girl of the south, when she wasn’t in school or outside running in the woods, Hattie was sitting at the piano. At 13, she was accepted for study by Loren Withers, head of the music department at Duke University. By 16, Hattie was writing modern poetry and eventually her love of piano and poetry led her to songwriting and the 2008 release of her debut CD, Red Bird Tattoo. Since then, Hattie has won prize money for her lyrics and seen her first royalty check for airplay. Performing original piano works with violinist Christopher Marion, Hattie’s 2012 CD HEX is a collection of instrumentals arranged and produced for film.